Reactivity and Adaptation, the key words of industrialists

Emergence of new consumer countries, advent of digital: these paradigm shifts have fundamentally changed the life cycle of products. The behavior and needs of customers are changing. Manufacturers must be responsive to this market development and must readjust their offer today in order to meet the expectations of their customers.

The challenges of manufacturers :

  • Speed up sales cycles
  • Eliminate errors in the transmission of information
  • Streamline all tools
  • Control costs and prices
  • Simplify the configuration of complex products
  • Speed up the generation and automation of quotes


A CPQ solution (Configure, Price, Quote) makes it possible to respond to 3 essential points :

  • Send an offer adapted to the new expectations of end customers

Product standards and constraints are changing. Indeed, manufacturers must adapt their product offerings and their way of selling. A CPQ and its B2C2B channel allow manufacturers to speed up the marketing of their updated product offering, which will be adapted to the needs and new expectations of end customers, in a targeted manner. A CPQ solution promotes the digital transformation of your sales processes to offer products focused on your customers. By adopting it, manufacturers benefit from simplified processes that improve collaboration between customers, partners and internal teams.

  • Bring responsiveness in supporting its network using connected tools

Today, your customers want it all, right now. With the Internet and e-commerce, consumers are more and more demanding and less and less patient. The manufacturer must adapt its product offer to the consumer’s needs and ensure that its network and its installation partners can distribute the updated offer immediately and without inertia of training or getting started.

Our SmartBusiness Portal offer thus allows flexibility of evolution and responsiveness to sell its product offer. It makes it possible to send an offer adapted to the economic context to its network, by providing all the information instantly, from complex product options to prices and discounts.

  • Pilot and manager the evolution of the product offer

The manufacturer must constantly adapt its products according to consumer expectations, the economic context, or even standards and regulations. He also has to face the new strategies that are imposed on him. It therefore needs connected and centralized development and maintenance tools.

Our SmartModeler studio enables efficient and real-time modeling of its constantly evolving product offering offered by the Marketing and Sales departments.