Each project is entrusted to a project team made up of specialists who work in close collaboration.

Those specialists have 5 complementary roles

They support you in the design, integration, and use of your application.

Experts for the analysis of your manufacturing rules and their expertise in modeling your product ranges with options and variants.

They personalize your applications with the SmartModeler graphics studio tools.

Responsive stucture to assist your technical teams and intervene directly on your SmartConfigurator platforms.

Trainers at your service to establish a skills transfer path adapted to your needs.

Smart Digital in your sales process !

Techform services are designed to be as close as possible to the needs of your professional customers and to provide them with high value service by integrating a commercial configurator on your site is possible in just a few months! How? By relying on our technological advance, our “best practices” based on 15 years of experience in B2B commercial configurators:

> An expert team in modeling
> A flexible graphical interface
> Techform support and assistance

Techform services for modeling business rules and configurations of your tailor-made products.

Our consultants and project managers are experts in modeling. They know how to analyze your manufacturing rules, standardize your product ranges, options and variants in order to model them in the decision tree which is the heart of the Smartconfigurator configurator.

Techform a développé et breveté la méthode SmartExpression pour administrer cette phase essentielle de votre projet.

Experts to develop and customize your commercial configurators

Based on the information exchanged during the modeling phase, our consultants will customize your business configurators.

Each of your business configurators is then made available to your internal ADV services and accessible on your website by your sales representatives and your resellers who can enter quotes and orders for your entire product catalog.

Configurators that integrate into your ERP and CRM information system.

Today, commercial configurators are first and foremost web applications for choosing and costing your products that must interface with ERP and CRM systems in the new digital world.

Techform has in its catalog of suitable connectors that allow it to interface with several ERP and CRM leaders on the French market and thus improve the productivity and performance of your information system.

Transfert of skills to your business experts

Our consultants organize training days with your business experts (design office manager, pvc or wood product manager or marketing manager, etc.) and their employees so that they can take ownership of your configurator. Our essential mission is to provide you with the skills you need to be autonomous in maintaining, modifying and upgrading your product configurators.

Support and assistance… Techform accompanies you !

We have an adapted and responsive structure to assist you and intervene directly on your hosting servers in the event of a breakdown or technical difficulties encountered by your teams.