Only few months are necessary to implement Techform CPQ software on your website! How?
Thanks to our technological advance, our best practices based on 15 years of CPQ software experience.

> Modelling expert team
> Flexible graphical interface
> Techform support

SmartConfigurator features

 Expertise in custom-made products configuration

Business rules modelling and custom-made products configuration.

Our consultants and project managers are modelling experts. They are able to analyze manufacturing and business rules, product ranges, options… And create a decision tree SmartConfigrator main component.
Techform has developed and patented a method named SmartExpression for this project main step.

Custom your CPQ

Develop and custom your CPQ with experts

Based on information exchanged during modelling phase, our consultants custom your CPQ software.
Your sales reps quote and order on-line the right product or service for each customer. Improve productivity and close more deals with Techform CPQ.

CPQ integrated to ERP and CRM systems.

Today in this digital world every CPQ needs to be interfaced with ERP and CRM systems.
Improve performance of your information system with our CPQ connectors .

Maintenance and support 

Skill transfer to your business experts

Our consultants organize training days with your business experts.
Our main mission is to transmit necessary skills to be autonomous in CPQ maintenance, modification and evolution.

Maintenance and support… Techform takes care of you!

Our adapted and reactive structure intervene directly on your hosting servers in case of breakdown or technical difficulties.


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