In 2020, the era of the fifth industrial revolution of complex and sophisticated systems is upon us. These systems are based on increasingly integrated electronic components, capable of self-repair as in the case of the new generations of integrated circuits in our smartphones, for instance. Technological developments are occurring at a rapid pace (nearly 50 billion transistors are integrated into a single microprocessor) and the semiconductor market is invaded every year by new integrated circuits and electronic components available off the shelf (COTS).

The reliability of systems used in industries such as Aeronautics, Space, Rail, Maritime, Transport, or Energy is regulated by the reliability of these key COTS which are sometimes used in operating conditions that they cannot endure over long periods without premature aging.

Predicting the reliability of systems under such actual life cycle conditions and estimating the time to failure is essential. Predicting and avoiding the risks of catastrophic system failures is a knowledge that provides a real competitive advantage able to anticipate customer expectations and optimize the costs of design, industrialization, production, and maintenance of products and systems.

Techform offers an on-demand solution to model the reliability of electronic boards right from their design, thus allowing to anticipate the wear and tear and the end of life of electronic systems under specific mission conditions; to assist in risk analysis and decision making to manage predictive maintenance or to monitor the health of structures (Structural Health Monitoring, Prognostic, Health Management).

SmartReliability® is a multi-functional application developed by Techform using its SmartModeler® design platform. This API (Application Programming Interface) capitalizes on the knowledge of expert reliability technologists and makes it available in a protected environment: the HMI (Human Machine Interface) platform is simple and user-friendly. With its secure database, strategic and confidential information on analyzed components and reliability models are validated and stored securely. Thanks to its easy-to-use IHM, the end-user can easily simulate sensitivity studies according to different types of mission profiles and calculate the lifetime with the models entered in the database. It guarantees a high level of security and adapts to the needs and expertise of each user/customer thanks to a proven software technology that can easily evolve without the need for a software engineer.

Techform has developed for IRT Saint Exupery a specific SmartReliability® application, in order to assess the reliability risks and to quantify the useful life of COTS components used in high-reliability equipment under various mission profiles. SmartReliability® automates the way to perform reliability estimation calculations via validated mathematical models. The process of saving in “Project” mode is user-driven and the calculations and results are stored and enriched, then made available and shared under confidentiality control.