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SmartBusiness Portal is a unique omnichannel sales platform that streamlines and automates sales processes such as:

  • B2E (Business to Employee) ⇒ For your sales force 
    Sales assistance and costing tool available to your ADV department and your sales representatives.
  • B2B (Business to Business) ⇒ For your professional customers
    Your network of resellers or GSB-type distributors can independently carry out their offers on a platform accessible 24/7 with updated data.
  • B2C2B For the end users
    Sell ​​products directly or pass qualified contacts to your professional customers or distributors.

SmartBusiness Portal provides quick and easy access to key business functions to create, manage and centralize quotes and orders for configurable products, catalog products and services.

Speed up your sales cycle and maximize your income

From a laptop, tablet or simply a computer and accessible 24/7 in real time, SmartBusiness Portal allows salespeople to be autonomous and work coherently on a common repository.

Boost your business

The unique omnichannel SmartBusiness Portal platform allows manufacturers to gain agility, speed to launch new products, update existing products, manage new prices or add new sales channels.

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générer des contacts qualités pour votre réseau professionnel

Improve the shopping experience and gain new customers.

Connected to your website, SmartBusiness Portal can centralize end customer requests through a customizable and user-friendly B2C2B process for online purchases. This platform becomes a digital marketing application for lead generation.