Catalog of tailor-made products,
with options and variants.

Automatic rule check

Real-time realistic rendering
of configured products

Quotes and orders

Price calculation respecting
customers sales conditions

Transfère des données techniques à l'ERP et création des fiches de fabrication

Transfer of technical data to the ERP
and creation of manufacturing sheets

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Help in choosing

Catalog of tailor-made products, with options and variants

Your professional customers are guided throughout the selection process by navigating through graphic forms which group together the technical specifications (materials, dimensions, components, colors, etc.) and all the options and variants of your products to facilitate their decision making. The ergonomics of the application allow for a smooth and comprehensive user experience.

No option of your products is left out!


Automatic control of manufacturing rules

In the product configuration process, verification of manufacturing conformity is automatic and permanent. Our configurators integrate all of your specific manufacturing rules. Technical alerts are displayed in the event of an entry that does not comply with your production standards.

Your customers gain peace of mind with each of their project designs!


Real-time rendering of configured products

Thanks to an instant 2D or 3D visualization, you highlight the rendering of your products, their characteristics, novelties, innovations and their performances (technical, energy, thermal, lifespan, acoustics, safety, …).

Your clients can project themselves more easily into the design of their projects. They immediately see the changes made to the configured products.

Quotes and orders

Price calculation respecting the commercial conditions of your customers

Your business customers have online access to all of your pricing offer 24/7. They themselves set the commercial conditions they grant to their own private customers and use your SmartBusiness Portal platform to complete and manage the history of their quotes / orders.

Thanks to online costing, you offer a high-value service that accelerates sales cycles and builds the loyalty of your professional customers.

Orders without re-entry

Centralization of orders and automated transfer to the ERP

Stored on your B2B extranet platform, quotes from your professional customers are ordered without re-entering.
Technical data is automatically transferred to your ERP, via Smart connectors, to automate and facilitate the management of your files.

You save time by limiting your operating costs and re-entry errors!

Technical data

Creation of manufacturing sheets

The configurator generates the manufacturing data which is automatically transferred to your ERP to allow the production of the configured products.

You simply plan your most complex production orders!

Transfère des données techniques vers l'ERP et création des fiches de fabrication


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