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Customer behavior and needs have changed profoundly since the beginning of the century, disrupting products life cycles and business relationships.

In order not to lose opportunities to the competition, manufacturers neep to be responsive to market changes. The major challenge is therefore to rethink the way they operate.

The main objectives of manufacturers are to :

  • Accelerate sales cycles,
  • Eliminate errors in the transmission of information,
  • Streamline all tools,
  • Control costs and manage pricing,
  • Simplify the configuration of complex products,
  • Accelerate Quote generation and automation.


Digital technology is a major challenge because of the many opportunities it offers to meet these new needs. As a process gas pedal, it makes a company’s services and products accessible 24/7. Manufacturers must be reactive to this market evolution and have to readapt their offer from now on to meet their customers’ expectations.

The CPQ solution (Configuration, Pricing, Quotation Generation) helps to meet these challenges through three key points :

  • By customizing your offer to your clients’ needs

Product standards and constraints are constantly changing, as are your customers’ needs. This means that you must constantly readjust your product and service offer as well as your sales technique.

The CPQ solution optimizes your sales by customizing your customers’ offers in a targeted – and automatically updated – way. Furthermore, the solution simplifies and improves collaboration between your customers, partners, and internal teams.


  • By anticipating your customers’ needs in a competitive environment

We live in a society of immediacy. That has escalated with the internet and e-commerce. Industrials need to value their customers’ needs, by making processes easy and granting them the fast services and responses they require.

The CPQ solution allows you to automatically update your offer by involving your network and partners installers.


  • By steering and managing the evolution of your product offering

Manufacturers must constantly adapt their products and services to meet the constantly shifting economic context, standards and regulations and consumers’ needs. They must also deal with the new strategies they are being imposed. They therefore need connected and centralized development and maintenance tools.

The CPQ Solution is available on multiple devices, has great Cloud capabilities and an integrated artificial intelligence. Thus, it makes sales processes smoother, faster and more organized in a very competitive environment.