Digital Transformation is now, but not any how !

At the center of the Digital Transformation strategy

With the health crisis that has affected the whole world, companies have had to adapt and review their organization. Digital Transformation is therefore at the heart of new strategies! But how to streamline your Digital Transformation? What decisions to take today to impact its performance tomorrow?

Here are the main challenges of the Digital Transformation:

  • Speed ​​up sales cycles
  • Reduce errors in the transmission of information
  • Streamline all tools
  • Control costs and control prices
  • Simplify the configuration of complex products
  • Speed ​​up the generation and automation of quotes

How to respond to these challenges? Thanks to the CPQ.

A CPQ solution is designed to help businesses generate accurate quotes in real time, which include all of the complex price and product information.

The solution covers the entire business process of the company, from consideration of opportunities to order confirmation, right through to manufacturing.